Bloody hell… this is not funny, you morons!

Come to my name day’s party, - I have boat-swings :)

A couple? France and me? Where do you  see that we are a couple??

Mun: Thank you very much! This blog was created a year ago and is still alive and with more followers that I’d never  imagine… that’s epic! … And thanks to all of you <3


Important: Russia sometimes has the ability to be immune to Black Magic. Have a good excuse to hand and … think of the advantages of being short.

(OOC: Yes! Admin is living in England from last November. And hopefully for a very long time! Mun really loves London :) Sadly that’s because I don’t have enough time to this blog (or even to draw!) But I really appreciate all your love and support, and all your awesome asks! You always put a stupid smile in Iggy’s face my face )


Gladly~ *kisses*